How Not to Fix Obamacare: Part 3

You picked the wrong insurance plan.  No, I picked the wrong Congress!

 On Sunday HHS chief Tom Price said, “I firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially (under the GOP’s health-care replacement bill).”  We’re getting used to listening to what this administration says only to learn later that wasn’t what they really meant, so let’s figure out what he meant.  As an economic conservative and long-time Republican I find fewer and fewer things I have in common with the party, but trying to duck responsibility for their own actions makes the top of my list.  We know Price didn’t really mean what he said.  It must be obvious even to him that if you choose not to buy insurance and then suffer serious medical problems you will be financially worse off.  When this doesn’t work out he won’t be able to blame the Democrats.  He needs someone else to blame so he’s setting it up to blame you for picking the wrong plan.  What he really meant was; 

Nobody will be worse off financially,… if they picked the right plan.

 In part 2, I said choices make sense when you’re buying a house or a car because you know how you want to use them.  With insurance you have no idea how you might use it.  If we all knew how we would use it we wouldn’t be able to afford it.  The whole point of insurance is the uncertainty of risk.  So a choice means guessing and a wise choice means out-guessing the insurer and they don’t guess.  Meanwhile I listened to some of the debates in the House.  They haven’t a clue.  Rep. John ShimKus (Ill.) (R) discussing his objections to the Affordable Care Act’s requirements for health-insurance plans says, “Men shouldn’t have to buy prenatal care coverage.”  Really, he should ask the insurer how much credit to add the exclusion.  That’s not how insurance companies operate; they know the risks and charge for them accordingly.  This debate went downhill from there when another representative decided if we tax tanning beds, we should also tax the Sun, because it is the primary contributor to skin cancer.  Do we really want these people designing insurance policies?  Most of the choices the GOP plan will offer us make no sense, because the right answer lies in the future. 

But when you discover you’ve made the wrong choice, guess what, “It’s going to be your own fault; you chose the wrong insurance plan.”

 You can bet the American public is the next scapegoat for the Republican Party.  Well maybe just those of us who guess wrong.