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When LaPierre says gun owners will not accept responsibility, he’s got it wrong.

Actually what National Rifle As­sociation CEO Wayne LaPierre said was, “Gun owners will not accept blame for acts of criminals.” It may seem like I’m parsing words here but the only difference between the two words is that “blame” implies we have no control over the situation and that simply isn’t true. And either way, he’s got it wrong, because the gun owners I know want to take responsibility and they only need a little help from lawmakers who just don’t seem to get it. Continue reading

New prison at Fort Madison Iowa

New prison at Fort Madison Iowa

Not the “field of dreams” image we all want for Iowa?  Will adding to the state’s prison capacity, create an urgency to fill the vacancies?

 A dying Iowan who claims he grew marijuana to treat a painful cancer faces a possible prison sentence. In what Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City calls “waste of taxpayer money”, Scott County jurors delivered a guilty verdict on four felony drug charges facing Benton Mackenzie, 48, whose wife and son were also convicted alongside him.  So will we waste more money by sending this family to prison? Continue reading

LaPierre says, “Gun owners will not accept responsibility?”

 There’s been a lot of discussion about mental illness as a common thread in recent shootings.  But we can’t focus just on this.  We’ve always had mental illness and we’ve had guns for a long time.  Cultural factors and changing attitudes have made this a more dangerous combination.  It’s unlikely that we will eliminate either one, so we need to figure out how to keep them apart.  Neither the government nor the family has been up to the task. Continue reading