Why We Dare!

One of my early memories was talking to my grandmother one Sunday after learning in Sunday school that God had created the heavens and the Earth. It had never before occurred to me that these were not always there (well at least the Earth). Coping with the far more complex notion that everything should have a beginning, I asked my grandmother “Then where did God come from?”

One of the wisest people I have ever known, I was surprised when she replied, “We just don’t ask that question.” Even at the age of three, I knew to show respect by not asking, “Why?”  But sixty plus years later I still regret my shyness.

This was just the first of many questions I would learn not to ask.  It turns out these are some of the most important questions. And contrary to logic, “not asking”  the ultimate sign of disrespect.  It assumes your friend is incompetent to answer or to ignorant to grasp another point of view.  Not challenging him or her to rethink a position can expose your friend to embarrassment or worse. Next time you hear a really dumb statement, don’t just nod; ask a really probing question.  Show respect and

Dare to ask!

If I fail to offend you, I apologize for I will have failed to inspire you to  new heights.  Feel free to let me know.  I won’t be offended!