FILE – In this March 16, 2016 file photo,

It’s a little remembered fact that when President Trump decided to replace all his inspector generals with campaign donors as a reward for their support, it was Senator Grassley who convinced him he could not do this.  I suppose it seemed trivial at the time, but had President Trump done this we most certainly would never have heard the whistle-blower’s complaint.  There would have been no investigation of Trump’s dealings in Ukraine and this ever-widening cloud over the Presidency would have been averted. 

Senator Grassley has the staunchest defender of whistle-blowers, not because he likes snitches but because he recognizes the crucial role they play in rooting out corruption and incompetence.  I think we can discount Grassley’s statement that “he doesn’t care about his legacy” because he has consistently shown that he cares about promoting transparency in government.  This could certainly become his legacy.

I think one thing we can all agree on is “we want to know the truth” even an uncomfortable truth.  So regardless of your party affiliation please call, write or email Senator Grassley to thank him for his past efforts and encourage him to finish the job by voting to hear witnesses and subpoena documents.  His voice will undoubtedly influence more junior Senators.