Atheists and Liars

I recognize but two religions, Atheists and Liars and I prefer the company of Liars, for it is they who weave the fabric that binds us all together. The time has come for Liars to step up.

Set aside those beliefs that would tear us farther apart and build on those that will make us whole again. You know the difference so stand up, join together and make your voices heard.

I can’t hear you!!!

One thought on “Atheists and Liars

  1. Jeff

    Atheist to the Liar: I don’t believe you.
    Liar: As a bonafide atheist that’s good–do you believe I lie?
    Atheist: I do.
    Liar: then you do believe something.
    Atheist: No I don’t.
    Liar: how do you know what I said is a lie?
    Atheist: I don’t believe it is true.
    Liar: Then you DO believe it is false.
    Atheist: That’s true.
    Liar: Then you’re not an atheist.
    Atheist: You lie. I AM too an atheist.
    Liar: Then you can’t believe I’m a liar.
    Atheist: True–OK then, I don’t believe you’re a liar.
    Liar: That’s true–I’m not a liar.
    Atheist: Well I’m glad we figured that out.
    Liar: I’m not.
    Atheist: Uhhh…

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